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Gas Boiler Service – Safety Tip

TIP: Check your gas boiler pilot-light flame periodically to ensure it is burning a healthy blue colour.

gas boiler healthy blue flame

During this current cold spell, every one of us will be using our heating more often throughout the day and night. It is extremely important that your gas boiler is working safely and efficiently at all times. If your gas boilers pilot-light is not burning a healthy blue with a yellow tip and you fail to notice this, it could cause you and your family serious health issues or even death.

A very good tip that will help you prevent any gas boiler problems is to get yourself into the habit of checking your gas boiler periodically to make sure the pilot flame is lit and burning properly and strongly. Check that the pilot-light flame is blue in colour when burning and the tip of the flame is yellow.


gas boiler carbon monoxide yellow flameIf you find that you are only seeing a yellow burning flame, you may have a carbon monoxide leak. When deprived of oxygen, your gas boiler pilot-light flame will burn yellow, which is an indication of a carbon monoxide leak.

In this instance, turn off your gas boiler, open your windows, leave the room or area your gas boiler is located in and then call our Dublin emergency plumbers telephone number, 086 124 9070 without delay. We will dispatch a qualified gas boiler expert to you straightaway to repair and service your boiler.

If your gas boiler has been switched on and running for a long period of time, and/or if you are feeling nauseous or have a headache, you should leave your home immediately and go outside into the fresh air and call for professional medical assistance as you could be suffering from the affects of carbon monoxide poisoning. Do not re-enter your home until our gas boiler engineer confirms to you that it is safe to do so.

The vast majority of people mistake the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning for those of the flu or food poisoning. A very important distinction between the affects of flu or food poisoning symptoms and those of carbon monoxide poisoning is that you will develop a high temperature with flu and food poisoning but you will not with carbon monoxide poisoning.

Common symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning.

– Stomach pain.
– Difficulty breathing.
– Shortness of breath.
– Dizziness
– Confusion.
– Tiredness.
– Vomiting.

This important gas boiler safety tip has been brought to you by Dublin Plumbing Services, Dublin’s leading plumbing and heating company without over 30 years of experience.




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