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Shower Pump Repair & Service

Shower pumps are essential components of plumbing that contribute greatly to water distribution throughout buildings. Service your shower pump regularly with Dublin Plumbing Services to reduce the risk of breakdowns and ensure continuing efficiency.

Our experienced plumbing engineers can service and repair your current shower pump, or supply and fit you with a new or reconditioned model.

Shower pump makes and models we service:

We are happy to provide our services to you even if your particular shower pump model is not listed above, as our plumbers have comprehensive knowledge of all shower pump designs.

How will you know which pump is best for you?


Shower pump performance is measured in bars (water pressure). 1 bar of water pressure equates to 10 metres static head of water. The higher the bar rating, the higher the performance and efficiency of the shower pump.

Here is a general guide to bar ratings and their relations to performance levels:

  • 1 bar rating = low boost performance
  • 1.5-2 bar rating = medium boost performance
  • 3+ bar rating = high boost performance


Dublin Plumbing Services recommend Stuart Turner Pumps for shower pump replacements and installations because of their strength and overall efficiency. Stuart Turner  Negative Pumps are designed with twin heads, which allow them to boost both hot and cold water supplies, as well as pressurize water in areas below the water source (an example would be a bathroom in a converted attic). These pumps can be installed in open vented hot or cold water systems, and they are fully automatic – meaning they do not require gravity flow of water to start. If your building has a positive natural flow, a negative twin head will pressurize the entire system and distribute strong water flow throughout all of your rooms.

If you are still unsure of what shower pump is best for you, call Dublin Plumbing Services at your local branch, and you will be connected with a professional plumbing engineer that can advise you.

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