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Stuart Turner Negative Head Pumps

Twin Head Negative Pump

Negative twin head pumps are designed for installation into cold and hot water supplies, most commonly in apartments. Both hot and cold water supplies will be boosted equally.

Negative twin head pumps will boost cold and hot water supply throughout your home including your bathroom, kitchen and any other room in your home that has a water supply.

They will also pressurise the water supply in areas where the area you want the water to go to is higher than the water source. An example of this would be a bathroom or toilet in a converted attic.

If you are unsure if you have a positive natural flow in your apartment or house, a negative twin head pump will pressurise your entire system delivering strong water pressure throughout your home.

For more information or to find out what is the best Stuart Turner negative head water pump for you, please call us now on one of our eight local Dublin numbers above. Our expert water pump specialists will be on hand to offer you all the advice and assistance you need.




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