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Gas Boiler Service Dublin

RGI Registered Gas Boiler Service Dublin 

Dublin Plumbing Services’ skilled technicians and engineers are experts prepared to provide you with the highest quality gas boiler services and repairs for the lowest prices possible. We perform our premier services throughout Dublin.

Our Gas Boiler Service Includes:

  • Safety inspection – our services include checking for gas leaks and other damages that might lead to long-term damage and other necessary safety checks
  • Troubleshoot of minor issues
  • Identification of parts in need of repair or replacement – strange noises coming from a gas boiler can generally signal failure of certain parts. Our gas boiler service engineers will make sure to thoroughly inspect and rectify these issues

If you are in need of a complete gas boiler replacement, we offer a 5 year manufacture parts and labour warranty on a variety of affordable, new gas boilers.

Our gas boiler service is available 365 days a year, anywhere in Dublin. Our Emergency Boiler Service will connect you with an on-call expert prepared to work on your gas boiler as soon as possible.

Why should you book your gas boiler service with us?

In order to function safely and effectively, gas boilers should be serviced at least once a year. Gas appliances such as fires, cookers, and central heating systems make everyday life easier and more comfortable, and servicing them regularly with Dublin Plumbing Services will mean they will last longer, use less gas, and lower your energy bills.

Gas boilers are complicated machines with many different parts, and if they are not serviced often and effectively, replacing them can become costly. When servicing your gas boiler, our qualified engineers will ensure it is repaired in the most cost-efficient manner, and if a replacement installation is necessary, they will recommend the most ideal gas boiler for your budget.

Our technicians that conduct your gas boiler maintenance and repair are registered RGI certified engineers. If you notice any of the following issues with your gas appliances, arrange your gas boiler service by calling our boiler services Dublin on 086 1249 070.

Signs that need a gas boiler service:

Radiator not heating properly: This could be caused by air trapped in a radiator or its pipelines, or damaged circulators or zone valves.
Sounds coming from pipes: Faults in a gas boiler circulator or trapped water in its return pipes could result in loud, unusual sounds.

Water leaks: Disrupted pipe connections or malfunctioning circulator pumps can cause water to leak from your gas boiler.

After initial inspection and gas boiler services for the above issues, we use up-to-date, advanced plumbing equipment to repair gas boilers and ensure that they continue to work without fault in the future. Visit Gas Boiler Repairs for more information.

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