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Oil Boiler Service Dublin

Experts in Oil Boiler Service

At the end of a long hard winters day at work, it is comforting to know that when you get home, your oil central heating system will have your home nice and warm and your water piping hot for a relaxing bath. However, many of us are prone to overlook the importance of keeping our oil boilers in a safe and efficient condition with a proper oil boiler service.

The manufacturers of all oil boilers recommend that you have your oil boiler serviced at least once a year and throughout the year ensure that it is maintained properly so it continues to operate in a safe and efficient way.

Dublin Plumbing Services provide a comprehensive oil boiler service for all makes and models. Our services include all the following.

  • Oil Boiler Upgrades.
  • Oil Boiler Set-up Inspections.
  • Power Flushing.
  • High Efficiency Condensing Oil Boiler.
  • Heating Controls Installation and Upgrade.
  • Oil Boiler Replacements.
  • Oil Boiler Installations.
  • Oil Boiler Service and Maintenance.
  • Oil Boiler Repair.

Reduce Your Oil Heating Bills With Heating Controls:

Installing heating controls throughout your home and using them efficiently can cut your oil heating cost by 15%-20% so if you do not already have heating controls in your home, perhaps you should consider having them installed. If you already have heating controls installed but they are old, you should talk to use about upgrading them so modern, more efficient controls. We can advise you on what are the best heating controls to use for your home or place of work.

How Can I Book a Service Call For My Oil Boiler?

Dublin Plumbing Services makes it quick and easy for our customers to avail of any of our services, and this includes our professional, free telephone advice. We can provide our comprehensive oil boiler service throughout the Dublin area.

Just call one of our local telephone numbers, tell us what your requirements are or what symptom of your oil boiler problems and we may be able to diagnose the problem over the telephone. If we are unable to diagnose the problem when you call us, we can send one of our fully qualified oil boiler technicians out to you within an hour to carry out an on-site inspection in order to determine the exact cause of your problem.

In over 90% of visits, we are able to repair the problem on our first visit so it is unlikely you will need a second service call.


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