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Emergency Plumbers in Dartry, Dublin 6. Beware of uninsured plumbers in Dublin

Regular readers of our Dublin plumbers blog will know that we post numerous warnings about the
increasing problem of uninsured plumbers in Dublin.

Here is another warning, so we strongly advise that you be on your guard whenever you hire a plumber.

Last Sunday morning (24th February 2013), we received at call to our emergency plumber number, 086-124 9070, at 02:47 AM from a lady in Dartry who recently had her hot water boiler replaced by a plumber in Dartry who was recommended to her by a friend.

Saturday evening she noticed water leaking through her ceiling into her hallway so she immediately called the plumber who carried out her boiler replacement. He assured her he would be over to her within the hour. Two hours later, he still had not arrived so she tried several more times to call him without success.

She couldn’t leave her boiler leaking so she went onto the internet and found us, Dublin Plumbing Services, and called our emergency Dublin plumber telephone number, 086-124 9070. We were able to have a plumber at her door within 15 minutes as one of our Dublin plumber team had just finished another emergency call in the Dartry area.

Our plumber fixed the leaking boiler very quickly but unfortunately, the leak caused extensive damage to the ceiling in her hallway. We advised her to contact the plumber in Dartry who carried out her boiler replacement and make a claim through his insurance. On Tuesday, 26/02/2013, we made a follow-up call to check the boiler was okay, which it was. However, our customer informed us that the plumber who carried out her boiler replacement was not insured despite the fact he advised her he was.

Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence and you really do need to be on your guard. If you hire a plumber, or indeed, any service provider, make sure they are fully insured and please, do not be afraid to ask for proof of their insurance cover.

Dublin Plumbing Services is a fully insured Dublin plumbing company with over 30 years experience in the plumbing and heating industry. If you need a fully “insured” plumber in any area of Dublin, night or day, residential or commercial, please call us for a prompt, professional plumbing service you can reply upon and trust, GUARANTEED!



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