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Fully Insured and Qualified Plumbers in Raheny

Whenever you employ a plumber in Raheny to carry out any kind of plumbing and heating work for you, be it to fix a leaking tap or service your gas boiler, it is vital that the plumber is fully insured and also fully qualified. Unfortunately, over the past couple of years we are hearing more and more horror stories on a regular basis regarding uninsured and unqualified plumbers.

This problem is nothing new and for many years now, we have being warning people of the dangers of employing an uninsured, unqualified plumber in Dublin. So how do you know if a plumber you are considering to do some plumbing work for you is insured? Simple, just ask them for documented proof of their insurance or who their insurers are and then call that insurance company to confirm they have an up to date insurance policy in place.

If the plumber is in any way hesitant or reluctant to provide you with the documented proof you requested, our advice is to walk away and find an alternative plumber in Raheny. Just because a plumber tells you they are insured does not mean they are insured.

Two years ago we got a call from a lady who was in a very distressed state after a plumber she employed made a complete mess of replumbing her old house. Water had leaked from several areas and caused extensive damage to her property. She said the plumber had told her he was fully insured and qualified and had being working as a plumber for over ten years.

To cut a long story short, we deployed three of our plumbers to her home and replumbed the entire house. Unfortunately, it turned out not only was the original plumber she employed was not insured, but they were also not fully qualified. When we asked why she allowed such a person carry out such important work for her? She replied, because he was cheap.

We cannot stress enough the dangers and damage an insured and unqualified plumber can bring to your door. Insurance is an absolute necessity in any business, but even more so if you are providing a plumbing and heating service to residential and commercial customers. It is expensive to have in place and this cost is incorporated into our rates. Our rates a very competitive but because an uninsured plumber does not have to worry about insurance costs, they can offer a much lower rate.

If the rate is too good to be true, then it most likely is. Before you employ a plumber in Raheny, check their credentials first and don’t be afraid to ask for documented proof. You will save yourself a lot of hassle and expense by being vigilant.

We hope you find this piece of simple, but extremely important advice helpful. If you need a “fully insured” and “fully qualified” plumber in Raheny, please call us now on our local Dublin plumbers telephone number 01-833 0033 for a fast, expert plumbing service you trust.


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