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Gas Boiler Services

If you have a gas boiler, there are several problems you will experience from time to time, largely due to the fact your gas boiler contains so many different parts, pump, tank, pressure valves, burners etc.

This is where you will need the services of a professional gas boiler service technician who is qualified, skilled, licensed and above all, experienced enough to handle all sorts of problems when it comes to gas boiler service.

We not only offer gas boiler services, we also provide inspection and repair services, which is where the quality and experience of our skilled technicians is most noticeable.

Our engineers not only troubleshoot for the problem efficiently but also ensure that you know in advance how much the cost of repairs will be. At the same time, we ensure our services are honest and transparent.

A lot of unskilled technicians from incompetent plumbing companies would be fine with a messy job to keep the charges low. However, we look to fix a problem to the best possible extent and use only quality materials to ensure every job is a job well done

Gas boiler services could be of many different types. For example, there could be a problem with some radiators which might not be heating up to their maximum level.

Our engineers will find the cause of any problem you may be having and explain the course of action needed to remedy the problem. If you are experiencing radiator problems, this could be due to trapped air in the pipe line or in the radiator which could cause partial heating in some or all of your radiators.

It could also be because of a faulty circulator or zone valve. Another problem could be with the noise in the pipes. This could be due to a fault developing in the circulator or if water gets trapped in the return pipe lines.

Whatever the problem, Dublin Plumbing Services will find and fix it in the shortest possible time and at a price that will put a warm smile back on your face.

Gas boilers could also have other problems like water leaks which could turn out to be quite serious and also dangerous. This is where Dublin Plumbing Service with its team of expert engineers offers so much value.

It is hard to troubleshoot with problems that are under the surface as the problem could be anywhere from the pipe connection that develops a leak or the faulty circulator pump.

Our engineers don’t jump to conclusions but instead look for all the symptoms and check all possible causes to detect and fix the problem.

Plumbing tools and equipment have developed considerably over the years and having the correct and most advanced plumbing tools and equipment for every job is essential.

Dublin Plumbing Services only use the most up to date advanced plumbing tools and equipment available. Using highly advanced tools we are not only able to detect the cause of the problem, but also fix it so that it doesn’t recur.

That is critical as recurring problems as far as gas boilers are concerned could be a real concern and give you many sleepless nights and high unwanted gas boiler service bills.

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