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Gas Boiler Repair in Dublin and Where to Get It

It is very likely that at some point, your gas boiler will need a repair. This is never something that a homeowner or tenant wants to deal with, as it can be scary to imagine costs or repair times. Ultimately, however, getting a gas boiler repair as quickly as you can be the most cost-effective way to keep your boiler healthy for a long period of time, as a problem go without maintenance can lead to additional breaks and long term damage.

How Do I Know if My Gas Boiler Needs a Repair?

If you aren’t very familiar with gas boilers and their upkeep, it can be difficult to know if you need a gas boiler repair. Pay attention to these signs that indicate that you may need to look into getting a repair:

  • Strange sounds coming from your boiler, like clanking, whooshing, swishing, or creaking.
  • A foul smell when you turn the heat on. This may indicate a carbon monoxide leak, and while carbon monoxide itself is odourless, your boiler has a built-in safety system that emits a foul odour when it is leaking. If you smell anything strange, evacuate your home immediately and call emergency services, as carbon monoxide can be deadly.
  • Hefty heating bills. If your latest heating bill is higher for seemingly no reason, your boiler may not be running as efficiently as it should.
  • A cold house or building. Your gas boiler likely needs a repair if it fails to heat your space adequately.
  • Leaks. Check your boiler periodically for leaks in or around the body.

Common Gas Boiler Problems

Newer gas boilers experience less breaks and issues than their older counterparts, but there are a few common problems among all makes and models, such as:

  • Low boiler pressure
  • A radiator that does not heat up
  • Frozen pipes
  • Build-ups within the boiler
  • A pilot light that keeps switching off
  • Water leaks in and around the boiler
  • Unreliable heat and hot water

While there are certainly other issues that can occur with your boiler, these are the most common ones that we come across when performing boiler repair. The good news is that each of these issues can be fixed within reasonable amounts of time and most often do not call for a boiler replacement.

Getting a Gas Boiler Repair in Dublin

If you have noticed any of the above issues, it’s probably time to call for a local gas boiler repair service. Dublin Plumbing Service operate out of eight offices in County Dublin to better serve all customers. We have offices in Clontarf, Glasnevin, Lucan, Swords, Ballsbridge, Dun Laoghaire, Templeogue, and Sandyford, plus an emergency line available s per day, seven days per week.

You can contact us now to get a gas boiler repair quote, or give your local office a call to schedule a repair appointment and get your boiler repaired quickly and effectively.



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