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Gas Boiler Problems – Pressure Loss

A common gas boiler problem which many people experience during the winter months is loss or reduction of pressure. In most cases, a water leak in your central heating system is the most likely cause. You could have a leak in one of your radiators or your boiler and if it is a small leak, you may not notice it because the heat from your boiler and radiator will dry up the water that has leaked out.

Never be tempted to carry out temporary repair measures as this will only lead to a much bigger Water Pressure Gaugeproblem, and additional expense. If you suspect a loss of pressure in your gas boiler, check your boiler manual for information on the correct pressure level for your particular gas boiler. The optimum pressure level will vary slightly depending on your boiler make but pressure levels should be between 1 and 2 bar.

If your gas boiler pressure level is below 0.5 bar or above 2.5 bar, you need to seek immediate professional help. Call one of our experts “now” on any of our eight local Dublin numbers for free, expert friendly advice 24 hours a day, seven days a week.



086 1249 070