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Gas Boiler Problems – Loss of Heat or Low Heat

Other common gas boiler problems are, all or most of your radiators only heating slightly, they are slow to heat, or they do not heat up at all. This particular gas boiler problem is not to be confused with the problem of all but one radiator heating at the bottom but not at the top.

If you have checked your gas boiler and it is working, then the most likely cause of a total loss of heat or very low heat is a blockage somewhere in your central heating system. This type of problem needs to be fixed by our qualified Registered Gas Installer (RGI). If you do have a blockage in your central heating system, then you will require a power flushing of your system to clear the blockage and remove all the gunge and dirty built up in your central heating system over the years. A blockage can also cause an abnormal pressure reading on your gas boiler gauge.

For a more thorough diagnosis of your gas boiler problem, please call our friendly experts on one of our eight local Dublin telephone numbers. We are available to take your call 24/7 so do not hesitate to call us now for a first class service.



086 1249 070

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