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Electric Boilers Ireland – For Central Heating – The Efficient Alternative

Bartech Engineering Ltd t/a Dublin Plumbing Services are the Distributors in Ireland for Elnur Gabarron Mattira System and Combi electric central heating boilers and are one of the leading European manufacturers of efficient electric heating products.

While gas and oil boilers have traditionally been used across Ireland, electric boilers are now offering a safe, reliable and convenient alternative in certain cases. At Bartech Engineering Ltd t/a Dublin Plumbing Services, we are dedicated to providing the most efficient heating solutions in an ever-changing world. That is why we offer products developed to meet the highest expectations of our customers. 

Bartech Engineering Ltd t/a Dublin Plumbing Services recommend the new Mattira Electric central heating Boiler range, one of the safest and most reliable electric boilers on the market. No access to a mains gas supply or homes which have gas boiler restrictions? No problem. Electric boilers provide a perfect solution. Electric (central heating) boilers operate by pumped water circulating through a heat exchanger with a stainless steel element block, which is heated by electricity.  



Why Choose Electric (central heating) Boilers?


  1. Energy Savings For You
  2. Maximum Comfort
  3. Quick & Easy Installation
  4. Quick & Easy Installation
  5. Compatible 
  6. Safety In Your Home


Electric boilers do not emit gases or direct pollution when operating and they do not rely on fuels such as gas or diesel to function. Therefore, electric boilers are not at risk of leaking or exploding and provide you with hot water via a process that safe and reliable. 

The electric central heating boilers that we install control the amount of energy consumed according to your house’s heating needs. It does this by taking into account both the ambient temperature and the external temperature. The electric boilers achieve 100% energy efficiency and overall savings in energy costs by adapting to the needs of your home.

The electric boilers SEM (Smart Electronic Modulating System) features Heating Modulation. This technology regulates the temperature at which the boiler drives the water heating circuit depending on the outdoor temperature. This method of regulation provides maximum comfort as it anticipates changes in the thermal needs of your house.

Electric heating is also kind to the environment. When the system is running, it has a lower carbon footprint than oil and gas boilers. 

Thinking of making the switch? Think Electric Boilers Ireland. 

Energy Savings For You

Our electric boilers help to save energy as a result of the advanced control board which automatically modulates the heating output to what is required. The heating capacity is adapted to the heating needs of your home to achieve 100% efficiency and overall savings in energy costs.

Because electric boilers supply hot water on demand, they are both energy efficient and financially efficient.

Maximum Comfort

The auto heating regulation makes it possible to regulate the temperature at which the boiler drives the water heating circuit depending on the outdoor temperature. An external temperature sensor activates this mode by anticipating the thermal needs of your house. The room thermostat continues to regulate the temperature inside the house.

Quick & Easy Installation

Our electric boilers come fitted with all components required to operate the unit, including a template for ease of installation.


Mattira Electric boilers can be used to heat hot water, radiators, Underfloor, and overhead heating also can be installed in combination with other renewable heating systems such as thermal solar, PV Solar panels, heat pumps, etc…

Safety In Your Home

Electric heating is one of the cleanest and safest systems available to be installed in your home. None of our electric boilers emit gasses when they are operating.

Electric system and combi boilers do not require complex maintenance as the only moving part is a circulating pump. Our combi boiler models guarantee a long corrosion-free life and because it supplies hot water on demand, it is both energy efficient and financially efficient.

Energy Related Products (Erp) Compliant – Electric Boilers in Ireland

The electric boilers that Bartech Engineering Ltd t/a Dublin Plumbing Services install fall in line with the standards set out by European legislation to improve energy efficiency and environmental protection. They feature the required CE marking which applies to products that affect energy consumption throughout their life cycle.
The manufacture and installation of electric boilers in Ireland are providing a positive, efficient and environmentally friendly heating system alternative.
Bartech Engineering Ltd t/a Dublin Plumbing Services are proud to be involved with the rollout of this safe and reliable product.

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