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Radiator hot at bottom cold at top – How to bleed a radiator

One of the most common problems we come across is associated with radiators not heating up properly. In the vast majority of cases we are able to solve this problem for the customer over the telephone with some very simple expert advice.

So what is the most common radiator problem we come across? It is the problem of a radiator hot at the bottom but cold at the top.

This is a very easy problem to resolve and one which you can easily fix yourself without the need to call out an expert. This problem is caused by air trapped at the top of the radiator that is not heating fully. You need to release the trapped air and you do this by bleeding the radiator with a radiator key. You can purchase one of these in any DIY store and they should cost no more that a couple of Euro. To bleed the radiator, just turn the key slightly until you hear the air being released (you will hear a hissing sound), and when all the air has been released (the hissing sound stops), tighten the key back when water appears.

This simple, inexpensive fix should resolve your radiator problem, however, if the problem persists, we will need to send out one of our plumbing and heating experts to diagnose the problem. You do not need to worry about high costs with us as we do NOT charge any call out fees. We only charge for the work we carry out. Please call one of our eight Dublin local numbers now for immediate service, .



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