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Plumbers – Dublin 1: Professional plumbing and heating services

Looking for reliable plumbers in Dublin 1? Do you need to attend to a plumbing or heating problem, but you want to get the job done professionally yet affordably? If so, there are a few things you need to pay attention to:

You should expect an experienced, qualified and competent person. It is of no use getting someone out to have a look at your water pipes, only to discover that the real problem lies elsewhere, among components that he has no knowledge or experience of.

A competent plumbing engineer will not only be qualified, insured and certified, but will also have a broad knowledge of all of the components involved in your domestic, commercial or industrial water system, including piping and valves, different types of boilers and pumps, and the waste water disposal system.

Something else you may want to pay attention to when calling on your Dublin 1 plumber is the expected response time. Regardless of whether you live on O’Connell street, which is easily accessible, or a back street like Anglesca Row, you want service in as short a time as possible.

Despite the fact that plumbing emergencies need to be attended to as quickly as possible, there is also the matter of the disruption to your own schedule for the day – which could be made much worse if help takes longer to arrive than is necessary.

You would, of course, expect your plumbing engineer to be available 24/7, because you never know when you may end up with a burst pipe, a blocked drain or a broken boiler. After all, these emergencies never give you advance notice of their intended occurrence.

Considering the fact that most plumbing jobs are unplanned, the last thing you need is to receive a shocking invoice including hidden costs.

That is why, at Dublin Plumbing Services, we do not charge call out fees, and we have a transparent, “quote-on-site” policy.




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