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When searching for a plumber in Palmerstown Dublin 20, there are some basic, but very important questions you should ask before you decide to employ a Palmerstown plumber.

  • Are they a registered plumbing company & can they provide you with their registered company number?
  • Are they fully insured & can they provide proof of insurance cover?
  • Are they an RGI Registered Gas Installer?
  • Are their plumbing engineers fully qualified?
  • Can they provide you with customer testimonials?
  • Are they on-call s, , 365 days a year?
  • Is their service available without any call out charges?
  • Do they provide a landline telephone number & not just a mobile number?

These are just some basic questions you should ask plumbers in Palmerstown or any plumber in Dublin before you engage them to carry out an plumbing or heating work for you. If any plumbing company cannot provide you with satisfactory answers to all of the above questions then we would urge you to think long and hard before about letting them do any work for you.

Take for instance a plumber in Palmerstown who provides you with only a mobile number. Consider the following. This plumber fixes a burst pipe in your attic. During the night the pipe starts to leak water and it is the next morning before you realise this and by then there is already serious damage caused to your property. You call the plumber who supposedly fixed the burst pipe, you tell him what happened, he says he will be round to fix the problem but you never hear from him. Days pass and still no sign of the plumber returning. Then the unregistered mobile number you have for him is dead. You have absolutely no way of finding out where he is and you are left to pay for all the damage caused by his bad workmanship. This is just one scenario you could find yourself in if you do not ask the right questions.

Dublin Plumbing Services can positively answer YES to all of the above important questions so you can rest assured that we are a very reputable and reliable plumbing company who provides a professional service to all our domestic and commercial customers.

Please feel free to call our local Palmerstown plumbers telephone number and ask our friendly telephone staff as many questions as you feel necessary to satisfy yourself that we are a reputable plumbing company.

Remember, we do not charge any call out fees and we provide a genuine, 365 days a year, emergency plumbing service in Palmerstown so other than the cost of the call, if will not cost you anything to call out our plumbers in Palmerstown at any time of the day or night.

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