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Power Flushing

Power flushing may be required if you experience any of the following symptoms with your central heating system.

  • Not producing as much heat as it once did.
  • Central heating system is slow to heat up.
  • Regular need to bleed your radiators.
  • Radiators not heating or only partially heating up.
  • Warm water in the header tank.
  • Noisy boiler or radiators.
  • Leaking radiators.
  • Your heating pump regularly fails.

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If you are experiencing any one of these symptoms, you may need your central heating system to be power flushed.

Over time dirt, sludge and limescale build up inside your central heating system which causes your heating system to be less efficient and directly leads to higher heating bills. Power flushing your central heating system will remove the build up of dirt, sludge and limescale, therefore prolonging the life of your central heating system saving you the very high cost of replacing your entire central heating system.

Power flushing will restore circulation in your central heating system giving it an as new performance level making it more energy efficient, which will lead to lower heating costs.

plumber power flushing a central heating system Our fully qualified power flushing engineers will cause minimal disruption and will, in most cases, complete the process in less than a day. The process involves your heating system to be firstly drained and then using a special power flushing machine, a chemical cleaning solution is flushed through your entire central heating system removing all dirt, sludge and limescale. Your system is then replenished with clean water completing the process.



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