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Many of customers who use our plumbing services also require the services of an electrician in order to complete the work they want done. For example, if you require a power shower installed or replaced, a plumber and an electrician will be require to complete the shower installation or replacement properly and safely. You may need your immersion heater replaced or upgraded, this will also require the services of an electrician.

At Dublin Plumbing Services we use registered electrical sub contractors to work with our team of plumbers in Dublin on a daily basis. Employing a plumber and an electrician from the same company will not only save you time and effort in arranging these two separate services from two different companies, but it also cuts out any confusion that could otherwise arise between two separate companies, and more importantly, it will reduce the overall plumbing and electrical installation costs.

There are many occasions you will require the services of both a plumber and an electrician to carry out work for you. Because there are many dangers that naturally occur whenever any electrical appliance or equipment is near or next to any water pipes, boiler or water supply, we cannot stress enough the importance of using a fully qualified, knowledgeable electrician who has a lot of experience in working with plumbing.



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